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We are a Print and Graphic Design Company in Southampton. For the Harmony Creative Print team, anything and everything print related gets us buzzing! We're here to see your project through from design, set up, and costs to taking your finished product to print. And, if you're not sure about logo placement, how to make your brand look as good as possible, or how to stand out from the crowd - our team of graphic designers are on hand to come up with with fresh and inspiring ideas. 


We understand how timely some print projects can be, and the whole team will work together to ensure your end product is created to the highest quality - quickly, simply, and as cost effective as possible.

With an expert understanding of the entire printing process, Harmony Print will make sure you have the best printing experience possible, on time and within budget.

What can we help you with? 

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Why the bees?

The Honey Bee works as a collective for the common good of the hive, with each individual bee having a specific and very important role. We felt that we could bring that same ethos to the world of print.

At Harmony Creative Print, we work together with our clients and suppliers to get the best quality products produced, on time and to the best price. 


We pride ourselves on great service and professional integrity, both of which stem from our commitment to a set of core values that our business was based on from the start.

Our first priority is always our customer. We'll help and support you and your business by striving for nothing less than the best results, no matter how big or small the project is. We do this in a very open and transparent way, and because of this we have built so many strong, wonderful, relationships that stand the test of time.

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Questions about Print?

The world of print can be a confusing place - what are crops and bleed marks? What does 'Print Ready' mean? Digital or Litho? What are the dimensions of A5 paper? 

We're constantly updating our Hints and Tips page with our most frequently asked questions...


Take a look!


“We find working with Harmony Creative Print a real pleasure; the team is always professional, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about their area of expertise. Always willing to offer alternative options which we sometimes overlook, Harmony Creative Print constantly delivers fantastic materials and expert advice.”


- Granger Smith Consulting

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